Paddle Force

New York, NY, 2017-2018

A fast-paced take on a gaming classic
flobotron game web pong

Digital Skills Observatory

Mozilla, Kenya, 2016-2017

A year-long study of the impact of digital skills on first-time smartphone users
mozilla research technology mobile kenya m4d digital finance



An artistic exploration of zooming and low-fidelity in modern photography
photography maximum

Designing in the Open Podcast

Mozilla, Toronto/London, 2016

Experimentation with storytelling about people and their relationship with technology.
mozilla podcast storytelling web audio

Step Well

Ahmedabad 2016

Experimentation in motion and beauty through long-exposure photography and atmospheric sound.
photography audio experiment web india


Mozilla, Toronto 2015-2016

A mobile content creation app developed for a global audience
mozilla app technology mobile brazil indonesia bangladesh kenya

Mozilla, Toronto 2015-2016

Mozilla's community-driven web learning platform
mozilla research technology web indonesia new york brazil


Mozilla, Toronto, 2013-2015

A web-based educational tool for making app-development easy for anyone
mozilla education web mobile brazil

89 Steps

New York, 2011-2012

UnionDocs' web-based documentary production of Living Los Sures
web video storytelling documentary interactive


Toronto, 2013

Team Smashy's web-based entry for TOJam 2013
game web jam