Toronto, 2013

Team Smashy's web-based entry for TOJam 2013

Role: Collaborator

The nimble game jam team returns, with a new entry, a new name, and new recruits. For TOJam 2013, team “Smashy” entered a relatively unfinished, but beautifully 8-bit game with no name. Featuring some exquisite tunes from Disasterpeace’s Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar and some impressive graphics and animation from the likes of Tomasz Dysinski, the team had promise, but they simply ran out of time.

Smashy’s game was built to explore TOJam 2013’s theme, “uncooperative”, by having the player embody an astronaut who has escaped in a stolen ship from prison on a distant world ruled by fearsome robots, only to discover that the ship’s AI will do everything it can to thwart your efforts.

The code for Smashy’s game is available on github, and it can still be played in your browser (just be patient).

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